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Same-day visa for Indian businesses, no cap on students: David CameronSame-day visa for Indian businesses, no cap on students: David Cameron

MUMBAI: Britain will offer same-day visas to businessmen and relax rules to permit greater technology transfer as Prime Minister David Cameron seeks to win new overseas businesses and overcome a slump that has pushed the world's sixth-biggest economy to the edge of a rare tripledip recession. In his second visit to India after taking office, Cameron also promised to make visas easier for students and offered to partner India to study the prospects of a massive infrastructure project that will build new cities and industrial areas from Mumbai to Bangalore.

 "I want Britain and India to have a special relationship... this is a relationship about the future, not the past," Cameron told employees of Hindustan Unilever, his first stop on Monday morning. "India's rise is going to be one of the great phenomena of the century and it is incredibly impressive to see the vibrancy of your democracy, the great strength of your diversity and the enormous power of your economy that is going to be one of the top three economies by 2030," he told businessmen at a luncheon meet later in the day. Cameron is leading the largest-ever business delegation by a British leader to any country and his hectic schedule and his pitch for a better partnership underscored the importance of increased investments in India acting as a spur to British economic growth. Britain is in danger of slipping into a rare triple-dip recession after its economy declined 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2012. Trade between Britain and India is still negligible given the size of the economies.


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