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What's the Value of Foreign Degree in India?

Bangalore: At present, pursuing the higher studies in abroad nations has become a sought of trend amongst the Indian students. It is all because they believe; a foreign degree will make your resume standout from the other entire candidates resume and will fetch you a job without any doubt.

Most of the Indians who study abroad will be looking for opportunities to work and settle over there and some will decide to comeback to India and settle down with a lucrative job in their hand that is offered to them because of their graduation in an abroad university. 

Many Indian students would have flown abroad for their higher studies because of the heavy fee structure in all the Indian Universities for higher studies. Apart from that, there might be many other reasons that can be given for, why many Indian students are moving abroad for their higher studies. Some of the other reasons might be considered as, the reservation policy followed by the Indian Universities because of which many brilliant Indian students miss out the opportunity of getting enrolled in any particular University, because of the high donations demanded by many reputed private colleges along with heavy fee structure.


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