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Study in New Zealand

About New Zealand: New Zealand, in the opinion of many travelers is the most beautiful country on earth. Situated in the temperate zone of the South Pacific, this isolated group of islands contains every landscape imaginable and some you cannot imagine. The North Island is famous for its volcanic attractions, Maori culture, and big cities. Today New Zealand is a relatively peaceful country and the people are extraordinarily friendly and outgoing. New Zealand is also know as a pollution free country as compare to many other countries in the world.

Climate: New Zealand has mild temperatures, moderately high rainfall, and many hours of sunshine throughout most of the country.


International status: New Zealand enjoys an international reputation as a provider of world-class education.

Trusted: New Zealand’s education system is based on the prominent British system. New Zealand offers top-notch amenities, resources, and teaching staff. New Zealand’s school system is highly ranked by the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

Security: New Zealand offers complete safety in terms of racial discrimination and crime, and a good economic countryside to find enduring jobs.

Opportunities for students: A superabundance of opportunities is available to international students like: quality secondary school education; well established network of English language schools; and internationally respected and recognized tertiary education providers.

Reasonable cost: The cost of studying in New Zealand compares optimistically with destinations such as Australia, UK & USA. Qualifications from renowned Indian Universities are accepted in New Zealand.

Least un-employment rate: It speaks of the least unemployment in the developed world and is the least corrupt country in the world with almost negligible terrorist issues. It has a safe and politically stable environment. Apart, from this students are given a Visa to search for job after completion of their course and also have a good opportunity to migrate.

The New Zealand university system

NZ universities have a world renowned reputation in the fields of Physical and Environmental Sciences.

An overview of terminology, the academic year and how universities are managed in New Zealand:

Key terms: There are some key differences in vocabulary between the USA and New Zealand when discussing university study:

the word "college" refers to high school and not university
a course is called a "paper" in New Zealand
graduate study is called "postgraduate" study in New Zealand
a university catalogue is called a "calendar" in New Zealand

Courses available for: 

Communication and Information Technology
Administrative Management
Art & Design
Travel and tourism
Agriculture and Horticulture
Business Administration
Trades and engineering

Fees: Undergraduate study usually costs about NZ$17,000–$20,000 a year approx.
Postgraduate study usually costs about NZ$20,000–$23,000 a year approx.
MBA can cost up to NZ$ 35000-40,000 approx.

Living Costs: The cost of living in New Zealand and Australia is similar. But, it is less than in Britain. Tertiary students need to budget for up to NZ$10,000 approx. a year in living expenses

Intake: The academic year in New Zealand begins in late February or early March (end of summer) and finishes in November (spring). Most of the universities in New Zealand operate on a semester system, although a few operate on a trimester or quarter system.

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