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Admission Process for SIAST

Admission Information

The Admission Information section provides guidance on what you need to know to fulfill the admission requirements for SIAST courses and programs. Admission to SIAST constitutes admission to a specific program, managed by a specific campus, and based on specific admission criteria.

Applicants are considered qualified when the application is complete, the application fee is paid and there is evidence that all admission criteria have been met (or are being satisfactorily met) and have been received by Registration Services.

Students enrolled in SIAST's Basic Education programming are considered qualified when they are enrolled in a Basic Education program that qualifies the student for admission, the application fee is paid and all other admission criteria have been met.

Applicants may apply to more than one program by submitting an application, fee and required documentation for each program.

Program Enrolment Capacities
SIAST sets and adjusts enrolment capacities based on employment opportunities and available resources.

Registration of Unclassified Students
Applicants are permitted to register as unclassified students in selected courses of a credit program for personal interest or future credit without being admitted to that program. SIAST determines the point when unclassified students must apply for admission.

Admission Requirements

Announcement: Revised Saskatchewan High School Mathematics Curriculum
Revised mathematics curriculum, approved by the Government of Saskatchewan's Department of Education, will come into effect for all Saskatchewan high-school students who are beginning Grade 10 in the 2010/2011 academic year.

Three separate curriculum pathways will provide students with the mathematical understandings, rigour and critical thinking skills that have been identified for specific post-secondary programs of study, and for direct entry into the work force. These pathways include Workplace and Apprenticeship Mathematics, Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus. The topics covered in each unique pathway are intended to build upon previous knowledge and to progress from simple to more complex conceptual understandings.

SIAST mathematics admission requirements to specific programs will be revised during the year that high-school students taking the revised curriculum will meet the grade level requirement of the SIAST program:

- where Grade 10 is required, the revised math requirement will come into effect for 2011/2012
- where Grade 11 is required, the revised math requirement will come into effect for 2012/2013
- where Grade 12 is required, the revised math requirement will come into effect for 2013/2014

This information is posted to each applicable program web page.

Admission requirements are established for all approved programs. They are stated on each program's official web page and published in official print materials.

The established admission requirements consider the academic rigor, curriculum content, industry standards and other factors directly related to a student's success in the program. 

Admission requirements may include the following factors:

  • minimum grade levels*
  • minimum average grades**
  • minimum grades in required courses***
  • minimum scores on admission exams
  • demonstrated proficiency in specific skills
  • demonstrated successful work experience in a designated field
  • demonstrated successful completion of a relevant post-secondary education course(s) and/or skills training
  • specific licenses, professional memberships or eligibility for licensure or membership
  • evidence of good character
  • minimum age requirement where required by statute
  • special admission provisions

* Where SIAST requires a grade 12 standing for admission, the standard can be met by successful completion of Saskatchewan secondary level high-school standing (or equivalent from another province or country), Saskatchewan Adult 12 (or equivalent) or General Educational Development 12 equivalency (GED 12). Where SIAST requires a grade 10 standing for admission, the standard can be met by successful completion of Saskatchewan grade 10 level standing (or equivalent from another province or country), Saskatchewan Basic Education 10 or GED 12.

** Where SIAST refers to grade 12 with an overall average of xx%, the following five subjects will be used to calculate the average:

  • English Language Arts A30
  • English Language Arts B30
  • highest grade in 20 or 30 level Social Studies, History or Native Studies*
  • highest grade in 20 or 30 level mathematics*
  • highest grade in a 20 or 30 level science*

*  A maximum of two 20 level subjects will be used in the overall average calculation.

Acceptable mathematics courses are Mathematics 20, Mathematics A30, Mathematics B30, Mathematics C30 and Calculus 30.

Acceptable science courses are Biology 20 or 30, Chemistry 20 or 30, Physics 20 or 30, Geology 20 or 30 and Computer Science 20 or 30.

A Saskatchewan Economics 30 course completed prior to September 1999 is considered an acceptable alternative to the Social Studies 30 requirement.

Some programs require specific courses with minimum grades or a minimum average on specific courses.

 *** Where no specific prerequisite subjects are listed and no overall average needs to be calculated, an applicant may present regular (10, 20 or 30 level) or modified (11, 21 or 31 level) courses. If specific subjects are listed as pre-requisites or an overall average needs to be calculated, only regular (10, 20 or 30 level) courses are acceptable.

Appeal of Admission Decisions
Applicants who disagree with an admission decision may appeal in writing to the Office of the Registrar within three calendar weeks of the date the decision was made. Admission appeals are reviewed by the program head.  Final authority rests with the dean.

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