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Scholarship in Top Ranked Universities

JET Education offers great value to its students by offering Scholarship up to 3000 GBP.  It is seen as important as it affects living standards (e.g. malnutrition and poverty) and...


Permanent Residency in Canada,New Zealand & Australia

Study 2 yr, Work ! yr  and Apply for Permanent Residency in the next year.Despite the fact that change is difficult to do well, it is a very vital aspect to organizational...


Cheapest MBBS in China

    Cheapest MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery) in China (3.5 to 3.7 lacs Only)    Weifang Medical University (WMU)  | Beihua University.


Cheapest courses in UK

Cheapest Courses in UK| Cheapest Courses in London | MBA in London | MBA in UK |Cheapest MBA in London | Undergraduate Courses | Post Graduate courses | Study ACCA...


Cheapest Courses in Singapore

  Cheapest Courses in Singapore | Study in Singapore | Hotel Management in Singapore | Fine Arts Courses in Singapore | Study Hotel Management | Hospitality Courses in Singapore.   Singapore was founded...


Cheapest Courses in New Zealand

Cheapest Courses in New Zealand | Study in New Zealand | Study in Auckland | Study in Christchurch | MBA in New Zealand | Masters in New Zealand| Why study...


Cheapest Courses in Canada

  Cheapest Course in Canada | Study in Toronto | Study in Vancouver | Study in Quebec | Study in Manitoba | Affordable Courses in Canada | Study Master’s in Canada...


Cheapest Courses in Australia

About Australia | Education System in Australia | Cheapest Courses in Australia | Study in Australia | Study in Australian University | Study Abroad in Australia | Study Courses in...

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2.1. Why Study in Canada?

Why Study in Canada? | About Canada | Study in Canada | 

Why Study in Canada

  • Choice : Increasingly, Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world. Canada offers a wide choice of over 90 universities and 150 colleges and technical institutes, featuring every imaginable program. Canada plays host to more than 180,000 International students in any given year.
  • Fee : Surprisingly, Canadian tuition fees are amongst the lowest in almost all the English speaking countries. Starts from 3.5 lac only, Average fee is apx $ 12000 in a SPP College, However as the fees are more affordable, admissions are more competitive. Students can pay first semester fee which lowers his initial burden before leaving for Canada.
  • Work : Most of the universities and college programs incorporate a co operative work program, giving the students an opportunity to work in their related field and earn credits for the same.
  • Part Time Work : Students have an authorization for working twenty hours per week, off campus* when classes are in session and full time during scheduled breaks/vacation. But students must start work only after they receive the off-campus work permit.
  • Living in Canada : Canada is a multi cultural country. It is quite secure and comfortable in its diversity. Multiculturalism has become a cornerstone of the Canadian identity. In fact Toronto, Canada’s largest city is ranked as the most multicultural city in the world.
  • Academic Year : The academic year starts in September and ends in May. It is normally divided into two semesters. Some institutes operate on a semester or trimester system and admit students in January and/or May as well as September. Many institutes offer a limited number of courses and special programs during the summer session.

The good news for students is that the comparative cost of studying in Canada is far cheaper as compared to most other major First World English speaking countries and is often the deciding factor for students. This can also be attributed to the fact that Canadians attach great importance to learning and The country spends more on education (as a percentage of GDP) compared to the OECD average, and is the second highest among G-8 countries. Canada offers lower tuition fees than many comparable programs in the US and UK. Average expenses for Canadian students are estimated to cost about CDN 12,000 per annum. This however varies according to location and lifestyle.

About Canada: A country located iin North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the world's second largest country by total area. 

Canada Climate: Average winter and summer high temperatures across Canada vary according to the location. Daytime summer temperatures can rise to 35°C and higher, while lows of -15°C are not uncommon in winter. Over the years, Canadians have adapted extremely well to the colder periods of weather by installing heat in housing and cars, by having heated public transportation systems, and in some instances - in walkways to and from buildings in schools.

Canadian Culture: Canadian culture has been greatly influenced by immigration from all over the world. Many Canadians value multiculturalism and see Canada as being inherently multicultural. However, the country's culture has been heavily influenced by American culture because of its proximity and the high rate of migration between the two countries.

Hockey is a national pastime and the most popular spectator sport in the country.

Source: World-wide quality of life survey


Living in Canada?

For the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nations survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live. The survey conducted every year, evaluates quality of life in 175 countries, using over 200 performance indicators. Canada earns particularly high marks for its access to education, high life expectancy and low crime rates. Vancouver was ranked third overall in the 2005 annual "Quality of Life Survey", published by Mercer Human Resource Consulting. All five Canadian cities in the survey were praised for their relatively high levels of "personal safety and security" and for being in a politically stable country, according to a report. According to the 2004 UN Human Development Index, Canada was ranked fourth overall. (Read detailed 2004 information on Canada from the United Nations web site.)