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Singapore Institute of Commerce


The SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE (or "SIC" as it is more popularly known) was founded in 1947, and boasts of being the first "Business" School established in Singapore. Over the past decades, more than 50,000 aspiring individuals have upgraded their education and careers through business, accounting, engineering and law courses at SIC. Many of our current alumni are well placed in managerial and senior executive positions in SMEs and MNCs, as well as in the legal and accounting professions.

Today, SIC is regarded as the leading business and technological institute in Singapore offering a wide range of degree and diploma programmes from internationally recognised universities and institutions.

SIC Campus

The SIC Campus is located at 1192 Upper Serangoon Road (3-storey buildings) and occupies an area of about 35,000 square feet. The fully air-conditioned buildings consists of 16 classrooms which includes computer lab, auditorium and board rooms. The library with over 6,000 volumes occupies one entire floor of our building. This campus functions primarily as a business school with business and IT related programmes from Victoria University, RMIT University, University of London, University of New Brunswick, University of the West of England & SIC proprietary. 

Our 60 year Tradition of Excellence

Drawing on our track record of over 60 years, standards of excellence are maintained by a dynamic and professional management team. This has enabled students within our educational group to maintain high pass rate as well as produce First Class results and many world prize winners in International examinations.

Message from The Chairman 

Kannappan Chettiar
BA (Business) Michigan State,
LL.B (Hon) London,
LL.M (Singapore), FCIM 
Rotary-ASME Top 10 Entrepreneur of the Year 2002
Phoenix Award 2002/03 Finalist
SICCI-DBS Singapore Indian Entrepreneur Award 2005

Forty years ago, if you had an ‘A’ level qualification, it was possible to rise to the top of any organisation simply based on your own ability and competence. In the last few years, I have met a number of people who, although highly competent and effective in their roles within the organisation, have been by-passed by others with lesser abilities solely due to their lack of a degree qualification.

One of the fundamental truths about life is that “scarcity creates value”, and the more scarce our qualifications or ability, the higher the demand or remuneration for these skills. Research also shows that good looking people and even taller people get paid higher as they are able to differentiate themselves in the employment market! For the less physically endowed people, the opportunity to differentiate ourselves exists through better qualifications such as undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.

There is also sometimes a mistaken notion that good education is incompatible with entrepreneurship and innovation. Whilst courage and a risk-taking attitude are important to entrepreneurship, it should not be forgotten that equally important are self-discipline and self-confidence which one gets naturally with a good education.

If we looked at the acquisition of degrees as a personal differentiation strategy to “market” ourselves in the job market, the approach will eventually lead us to become true life-long learners as well.

Further, we need to consider the present reality and the fact that the true minimum qualification for managers has moved from ‘A’ levels to a degree today. In all likelihood, this minimum will move further to a masters degree level within the decade as well.

At SIC, we have a very strong vision which is “Creating Learning Opportunities for everyone.” We provide opportunities to enable students to get a practical and relevant degree in business, IT, accounting and many other disciplines.

Our qualifications lead you to many paths – whether you wish to start your own business or become a top executive in MNC or government.

Our duty is to ensure that we provide you the right opportunities to ensure your success in your careers. May I wish you every success in the choice that you make today and for your dreams to come true.

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