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Auston Institute of Management

Auston is a leading private education provider that offers its students an alternative pathway to achieve success in their education and careers.


Since 1996, Auston has been providing courses in the areas of Business, Information Technology and Engineering. With a clear inclination towards innovation, our courses have often merged the Arts with the Science - producing brilliant graduates year after year.


Working with Coventry University (UK), Auston's validating university, the partnership has crafted three year university degree programmes and post-graduate awards for its candidates that may be completed in 24 months.


Other students may also embark on English and Foundation programmes with Auston.


If you have been looking for an education provider that promises real quality,high-value and a keen interest in your future and success, Auston is the school for you.


Auston has awards of Edutrust Provisional by Council of Private of Education (CPE) and Singapre Quality Class for Private Education. It has also worked with Coventry University (UK) in partnership for more than 10 years.


Quality Procedures

How does Auston ensure quality?

Quality is something that Auston does not take lightly. While we set our standards to be reasonably achievable by our students, this does not mean that we allow quality standards to lapse

Austons programmes regularly undergo several audits a semester. Some of them are detailed below:

Our programmes are written and vetted by senior academic staff both from Coventry University and local academic institutions like NTU and NUS.

Our Planning

Before running a course, we have to identify the topics and desired learning outcomes of each module. These are usually provided by the accrediting university but in our case, we insist that we develop our own material that is equivalent to the universities but is localized for our regional relevance. These are then looked over and approved by the University.

How We Conduct

Each module has assignments and exam papers that are set long before students even see them. Prior to term commencement, we develop questions and exam papers that are sent to External Examiners (see below) from third-party universities. The External Examiner will spend time reviewing each of the papers and returning them with comments and recommendations. If the papers are too easy or too difficult, he/she will suggest modifying them upwards or downwards accordingly. This ensures that any papers that are taken at Auston are of the same standard as they are in the UK. This process is normally conducted between universities.

Answering to External Examiners

To ensure further quality, External Examiners from third-party universities and invited to review and audit the programme. Besides the above mentioned audits of assignments and exam papers, they also attend Exam Boards.

Justifying Our Students at Exam Boards

Exam boards are conducted at the end of every term to moderate results to benchmark the students’ performance against the overall cohort. They review student-submitted assignments and completed exam papers and decide if a student deserves to pass or fail. In this board of academics, they also confer the University awards of Bachelors and Masters and their corresponding level of Honours.


Learning from Boards of Studies

During term break our Academic departments keep working - Our Dean, Lecturers and Tutors gather and discuss the events of the last term and what improvements we can make for the future. We strive to learn from our mistakes and continue to develop our programmes for the future.


Academic Advisory Council

To make sure that we are teaching up to date material and delivering courses that can rival national standards, we have an Academic Advisory Committee that advises our courses and our syllabi. They advise everything from course details, syllabus, lecturing, and lecturer training.


Learning Facilities

Auston Institute of Management is equipped with the necessary infrastructure and training facilities to deliver our associated university' programs via structured and directed open learning methods.

Occupying a total area of about 1400 m2, Auston's city campus houses both training and administrative facilities. Auston's academic and administrative staff can facilitate approximately 1,500 students in the students’ pursuit of qualifications.


Our Classrooms and Auditoriums are equipped with


o                                Teaching aids such as whiteboard and A1 illustration Paper

o                                Over-head projectors and matte-screens

o                                Multimedia sound systems for classroom presentation

o                                Wi-Fi internet access


Our Engineering and Computer laboratories are equipped with:


o                                Computers installed with relevant software for educational learning

o                                Multisim Electronics Workbench Educational Packages

o                                Digital Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators and multi-meters

o                                Digital Signal Processing starter kits

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